Friday, November 03, 2006

India is jam packed with Indian tourists

I have been traveling in India during the Diwali holiday. Diwali is India's happiest and biggest holiday of the year. The actual day is filled with candles and lights since its the day that Rama their loved king came back from exile and they say he came from the dark to the light. Everyone blows off firecrackers and celebrates for days. They also give gifts and pray for prosperity.

On a larger level, people get about 2 weeks off during this time and so its a time for the new middle class Indians to travel around the country and see the sites. This has meant that every big place we go is FILLED with Indians. Its amazing how charming it is to be packed into a palace with all the Indians. So much better than being with a bunch of Westerners!

The most charming part is that the Indians want to take our photos. They walk over and say "one photo?" and place their kids next to me for what must be an odd photo. I even had a baby put in my arms one time. And one time I was in the middle of a huge family photo. And pictured above, there was a group of young guys who all wanted a picture.

The only sad part is that I feel like I always look hot and wilted and really must not add much to the photos. I certainly don't look like the hollywood people they have in their minds. Meanwhile they always look bright, fresh and pressed.

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