Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I just met two people coming home from a night of yoga for New Years Eve. At midnight 150 people began a series of chants for world peace, which sounded like a significant way to wish in the New Year but also at first seemed a little elusive until I put my own spin on it. I began to think about all the different people I have seen this year and all the things I hope for everyone I know, including all the things I am thankful for and suddenly New Years had significance in a way it hadn't earlier in the night.

I wish for the next New Year for:

Everyone to have access to water when they need it
May electricity power their lights
May they be able to dream and achieve those dreams
May public transportation exist to get them where they have to go.
May healthcare, immunizations, medications be available when they don't feel well.
May everyone be able to get an education, read a free press, and actively participate in their political systems like I am so blessed to do.
May they have a safe dry place to call home
May they be able to provide for a family and live together in a web of support.
May food be available to satisfy any hunger
May clothes be available to cover every back

I am a lucky person. I appreciate that I appreciate the wonderful people I have around me that make my life more rich. I appreciate the hot water that fuels wonderful long showers, I appreciate being able to eat anything I have a craving for. I appreciate my cosy flannel sheets.

And mostly I hope all of you will take time to appreciate what you have too.

This might sound a little hippie-like, but humor me and think of the things you are thankful for and think of those that might not have these things and feel the significance of really wishing well for people.

And lets be thankful for the other things we are blessed with.

Happy New Year!
Happy Life!
Happy New Starts!
Happy Old Ways!