Monday, October 02, 2006

Bhutan: First Impressions

I'm writing from Thimpu, the capitol of Bhutan. So happy to find high speed internet. Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to upload a few photos so you can see what it looks like.

Back to Thimpu: For the next three days they have their yearly festival. We spent today watching dances with masks that tell the stories of Bhutanese buddhism and seeing people in their best traditional clothes. Its all about tradition here. History is mixed with imaginative stories that are hard for a Westerner to wrap their head around. Multiple incarnations of holy people. Mystical holy creatures. There are temples all over and prayer flags flutter all over the countryside.

Its lovely here. So peaceful. Something just takes you away. I haven't really pinpointed what it is yet. One thing is that we have a guide and driver so someone else is doing all the worrying for us. Its the only way you are allowed to see the country and suits me just fine! We just go places and have an instant information source from our guide. Also the people are so nice and unjaded by tourism. There are plenty of Westerners but somehow we all feel like we are part of something special and feel the magic together.

Tomorrow we spend another day at the festival and then head East. There will be another festival in another town in three days then we head where most tourists do not go. It will be much less developed and hopefully even more special since they only she about 400 Westerners a year in the whole region vs about 10,000 in the town I am in now.

I loved Delhi too. I'm looking forward to the chaos of India after the peacefulness of Bhutan.

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