Thursday, June 18, 2015

Moroccan Landscapes

To see Morocco one must drive long distances between the sights. Prior to the trip I was a little worried about all the driving, but it turned out that I was happy to look out the window and soak in all the sites. Morocco's landscape was much more varied than I was expecting. The images in my head were of camels and rolling sand dunes. I expected a dry, dusty land, which did exist in places, but there was so much more. 

First off, Morocco grows lots of things. The land is covered with fruit trees producing apricots, apples, cherries and of course olives. There are so many olive trees planted uniformly along big stretches of rolling hills, There is lots of lush green farmland and fuzzy wheat stalks blowing in the wind. We also passed miles and miles of argan trees whose seeds produce the magical oils that have changed my hair over the last few years.

Second, it seemed like around every bend was another dramatic landscape. Rock formations like the Grand Canyon melted into turquoise lagoons. Rolling hills covered with olive trees descended into lush farms filled with huge date palms. And then of course to the south were the red dunes of the Sahara which pop up out of a barren gray desert floor. 

So all said, the key thought in Morocco is enjoy the journey.

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