Friday, September 15, 2006

Tunisia: Traveling by louage

There is one thing about Tunisia that I especially like. As a single traveler it is easy to get from place to place. They have set up a system of shared taxis that runs smoothly and cheaply.

Basically the way a louage works is that there are these huge parking lots full of white vans and station wagons and they each have a role of driving to and from an assigned location.

I arrived to this chaos knowing my destination and listening to many men yelling their destinations. There is a order to this chaos though, as I mumbled my destination shyly I am quickly pushed off to the very very back of the lot. Some driver nods and says he is going there. So far there are no other drivers so he asks if I want a coffee and leaves. I, of course, feel know I have to wait alone in this isolated place till the van fills up and feel like I will be waiting there for hours when suddenly minutes later six other people arrive and we are on our way. Its amazing! And in two hours I am in Karouaun.

The system has worked seamlessly for me all around the country. It makes it easy and cheap to travel alone.


Susan said...

Wonderful! But did you drink a Tunisian coffee . . .?

Karen D. said...

That's what I was wondering too..did you get the coffee?? ;) Glad you're finding your way around so well!!